4 Haunted Places To Visit Around Chicago

Graceland cemetery- known for its haunts

4 Haunted Places In Chicago

Looking for some local frights this Halloween? Did you know that Chicago has a host of its own ghosts from disappearing hitchhikers to missing statues? Read on for four of the spookiest places in Chicago.

1. Resurrection Cemetery and Archer Ave.

Chicago’s most famous ghost – Resurrection Mary – has frequently been seen along Archer Ave. Since the 1930s, different variations of the story of this particular apparition have been passed around Chicago. In many versions, a blonde girl can be see hitchhiking at night on Archer Ave. wearing a white dress and no coat. After getting into the car she fades away as the cemetery is passed. Who Resurrection Mary actually is remains a mystery to this day, but historians agree it was likely a girl walking home after dancing one night who was struck by a car and is now buried somewhere in Resurrection Cemetery. Watch out though! Some versions of the story say Mary will jump out in front of your car late at night on Archer Ave., so seek this ghost out with caution!

The Congress Plaza Hotel is one of Chicago's most haunted venues
The Congress Plaza Hotel is one of Chicago’s most haunted venues

2. Congress Plaza Hotel

In 2017 the Congress Plaza Hotel was named one of Illinois’ most haunted places by Travel & Leisure. Dating to 1893, this hotel was built to help lodge visitors for the World’s Fair. The hotel has ties to legendary gangster Al Capone, and if that wasn’t enough – both towers are haunted! The south tower is home to a ghost of a man who was murdered in the alleyway outside, and the north tower hosts the ghost of a young boy who wants to play. Steer clear of room 441 though – to this day this room has reports of flickering lights, moving objects, and the eerie silhouette of a woman in the shadows.

One of Chicago's oldest buildings has a spooky secret
One of Chicago’s oldest buildings has a spooky secret

3. The Watertower

This Chicago legend was built in 1869 and is one of the few buildings to survive the Chicago Fire. Many believe this landmark to be haunted by the ghost of  a man who stayed to valiantly try and fight the flames, trying to keep water pumps going to stop the blaze. Unfortunately, as history tells us, the fire was too strong and as the fire was about to reach him he hung himself in the highest part of the tower – people have seen the shadowy figure of a man hanging at night through the top windows. Police have even been called only to find nothing when they reach the scene. The tower regularly hosts exhibitions today so you can go inside – if you dare. 

4. Graceland Cemetery

The prestigious Graceland Cemetery is home to many big names in Chicago history – including George Pullman and Marshall Field. But the most famous ghost here is of Inez Clarke – a little girl who tragically died after being struck by lightning while playing in the rain. Her parents buried her and put a statue of her likeness on the grave – covered by a glass box to protect her from the lightning that ended her short life. A little girl playing has been seen playing in the cemetery, and on rainy days the statue has been known to disappear, only to return when the sun is shining. 

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