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9 Amazing Halloween Recipes Every Kid Will Love in 2021

Quick Easy Halloween Recipes In 2021

Check out these 9 amazing Halloween recipes that are easy to make for your kids in 2021. We know it takes time to plan a party but the Halloween kids recipes should be easy to make and super fun! Checkout 9 of the best and easiest spooky treats to make for kids this year!

Hot Dog Mummies – Get the Recipe: Hot Dog Mummies

Hot Dog Mummies Recipe for Halloween 2021
Hot Dog Mummies Recipe For 2021

Made with store-bought crescent dough, these mummy dogs will be a hit at dinner or spooky parties. The dough is very forgiving and easy to wrap, and the best part is it doesn’t need to be perfect — these are ancient mummies after all.

Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes – Get the Recipe: Pull-Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

Pull-Apart Graveyard Cupcakes - Halloween Recipes 2022
Pull-Apart Graveyard Cupcakes – Halloween Recipes 2022

Although it looks almost like a cake, this graveyard is made up of individual cupcakes, making it a self-serve party option. Just grab your cupcake and go — no knives necessary.

Halloween Blueberry Mummy Muffins – Get the Recipe: Pull-Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

Halloween Blueberry Mummy Muffins Recipe

The Halloween fun starts early when you serve your kiddo these cute, mummy muffins for breakfast!

Ghostinis with Bloody Murder Sundried Tomato Tapenade – Get the Recipe: Ghostinis with Bloody Murder Sundried Tomato Tapenade

Ghostinis with Bloody Murder Sundried Tomato Tapenade
Ghostinis with Bloody Murder Sundried Tomato Tapenade

The ghost-shaped crostini — ghostinis — make an eerie accompaniment to this tomato tapenade. But even without its ghostly companions, it’s still a hit.

Halloween Crispy Rice Treats – Get the Recipe: Halloween Crispy Rice Treats

These colorful treats will be a hit at your spooky party and they’re so easy to put together. The spider web decoration is made with melted marshmallows. Using gloves and working on foil to stretch the web makes cleanup easy.

Individual Scary White Pizzas – Get the Recipe: Individual Scary White Pizzas

Individual Scary White Pizzas For Halloween 2021 – Recipe

The classic white pizza takes a ghostly turn with this recipe. Using prepared pizza dough makes this easy recipe even easier, and no sauce to simmer makes it simpler still.

Frankenshake and Bride of Frankenshake – Get the Recipe: Frankenshake and Bride of Frankenshake

His and her Halloween recipes shake (one mint, one vanilla) are made in a single batch, then dressed up for the holiday in this ultimate trick-or-treat.

Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls – Get the Recipe: Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls

An orange bell pepper — carved and ready for spooky parties — becomes an edible bowl for creamy mac and cheese. These are sure to please kids and adults alike.

Chocolate-Cinnamon Skeleton Cookies – Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Cinnamon Skeleton Cookies

Break out your gingerbread man cookie cutter early this year; it’s just the tool you need to make these easy cookies. With a little icing, you can pipe your way to haunted Halloween recipes.