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3 Quick and Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas on a Budget

3 Super Easy Halloween Decorations

We know everyone is in a time crunch when it comes to hosting Halloween parties, but xoJahtna on YouTube has your solution! She understands that not everyone has time to purchase expensive decorations for your party, but here are some easy to make aesthetics that can make your home unique the Halloween! Check out the […]

Chicagoland’s Best Haunted Houses for 2019: Our Top 15!

Chicagoland's Best Haunted Houses for 2019: Our Top 15!

Haunted houses are now open for business in October. Enjoy. Check back often because we’ll be updating this with more houses and new reviews as we get closer to Halloween. New for 2019, we’re also including a few non-haunt seasonal attractions. ♦♦♦ 13th Floor Haunted House 1940 George Street in Melrose Park ( The 13th Floor haunt […]

Frighten Your Friends with these 20 Easy, Insane Halloween Recipes!

While you pull together all of the the loose ends for this year’s Halloween bash, you may want to take a look at what we’ve put together. No, these recipes are not conventional, but neither is a zombie costume. Go way out of your comfort zone this season, and make something that will make your guests double-take. […]

Our Favorite Halloween Cupcakes

Coolest Halloween Cupcakes At Halloween Land we know how to throw the best Halloween party! Get some great ideas for some crowd pleasing cupcakes here and get ready to have a ghoulish time!   1. Ghostly Cupcakes 2. Spider Cupcakes   3. Spooky Eyes Cupcakes 4. Vampire Cupcakes 5. Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes 6. Creepy Crawly […]

More Wacky Monster Cookies You Can Make This Weekend

Wacky Monster Cookies

Wacky Monster Cookies Recipe These funny monster face cookies will put a smile on your face this Halloween. Have fun decorating your favorite combination of silliness. 40 min prep time 1 hr 15 mintotal time 5ingredients 18servings Cookies 1  roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated sugar cookies 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 container (1 lb) vanilla creamy ready-to-spread […]

12 Cheap and Halloween Decorations!

Boo Bottles

Cheap Halloween Decorations: 12 Easy Homemade Ideas Whether you caught the DIY bug from creating homemade Halloween costumes for your kids, putting together pretty decorated pumpkins, or you’re getting crafty for the first time, these homemade Halloween decorations make it easy to trick out your house for the holiday inexpensively — but without looking cheap. […]