Make A Halloween Photobooth

Making A Halloween Photobooth!

It’s not a party without memories! Make sure your guests have some Instagram and Facebook friendly selfies before they leave by setting up a photobooth!

Photobooths are super simple to make. You can drape a sheet on a wall, use streamers and balloons as a background, and some party places like Halloween Land even carry photobooth friendly products! Backgrounds should be fairly simple so the focus is on the people – but don’t forget the props!

A spooky looking antique chair, plastic skulls, paper bats, and even simple carved pumpkins all make great set pieces for your photobooth. Make sure it fits a spooky simple theme and color scheme. For props you can use cardboard cutouts on sticks, fun hats, or other small Halloween decorations that people can hold or use in their photos!

A photobooth is a super simple part of any Halloween party, so make sure you set one up this year – we’ve included some cool ideas below! In the meantime, pop into Halloween Land to get all your Halloween party supplies before it’s too late!